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Reason #9 – Feeling numb and disconnected?

Do you feel like you are just blindly walking through life?

Do you hear positive things about people around you but can’t be excited for them?

Do negative things happen in your life but they seem to not phase you?

Do people comment that you are so strong or they look up to you but you don’t really get it?

Do you feel like you can’t connect to your emotions or maybe like you can’t express them well?

This can come from so many places. Maybe it’s time to examine the commitments in your life. Are you spread too thin? When you have an overwhelming amount of stuff going on, our body tends to limit how emotionally involved we can get with each piece. Maybe it’s time to reign back your obligations to more deeply experience the ones you want to keep.

Have you experienced a difficult or traumatic experience? It’s not unheard of for someone to create a sort of emotional wall after a difficult experience. Again, this is your body trying to protect you. It wants to make sure that you are fully healed before letting you be vulnerable again. The same can be said for if you could possibly be battling with a loss of hope or feeling like your situation is impossible to change. If you cement the belief that you are in this bleak place, it is highly likely that your body will mute those emotions to protect you from becoming too dark or depressed. It will not begin to get better until you can find a way to gain control and attempt to regain hope.

We can help you not feel like a zombie in your own life. We can explore what’s been happening and as well as previous behavior/emotion patterns to see if we can help you understand the emotional experience you have. If you have been through something, we have experienced trauma counselors that would love to walk you through recovery. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we can help you with time management, setting priorities, letting some things go, asking for help if possible, creating time for yourself, etc. Don’t miss out on the world around you another day. Let us help.


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