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Finding Solace has provided individual, couple, and family counseling services for over 8 years. With over 20 team members, they are able to serve anyone over 5 years old. We are able to accept most major insurances. We have free sessions available for those recovering from trauma and offer sliding fee payment plans for those in financial need. We are here to help you:

  • Ind, Couple, Family Counseling
  • Ages 5 and up
  • Accept most major insurance
  • Here to help you:
    • Increase life satisfaction
    • Decrease conflicts with others
    • Improve mood
    • Improve self talk
    • Develop/Strengthen Boundaries
    • Decrease Burn Out
    • Identify/Manage Stressors
    • Stabilize after Trauma
    • Move Through Grief
    • Set/Attain Life Goals


Based out of Northeast Louisiana, Finding Solace has been providing services to the community for over 8 years. We are licensed to provide services throughout the state and have telehealth technology that allows us to provide services long distance. We are able to provide a variety of services that are able to support our community through a wide variety of issues.

  • Based out of Northeast LA
  • Licensed to Provide Services throughout LA
  • Telehealth offerings for distance access
  • Here to provide:
    • Sliding Fee Scale
    • TEND services (free services for trauma, blah, blah)
    • Ind, Couple, Family Counseling
    • Business Consultation
    • Support to the Educational System
    • Psychoeducational Workshops
    • Support Groups
    • Therapeutic Groups
    • Professional Workshops
    • Crisis Debriefings


Finding Solace was founded by Lyla Corkern in 2014. Since then, she has grown her team to over 20 professional staff and has expanded her business by over 70% in 2021. She is a graduate of the Systems for Integrated Growth Program as well as the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business National Cohort. She is a member of the Louisiana Growth Network and has leveraged her experience in business and mental health to develop coaching and consulting strategies for small business development.

  • 8+ years in business management
  • Graduate of GS10SB National Program
  • Member of Louisiana Growth Network
  • Here to help you:
    • Define/Execute your culture
    • Remove drama from the workplace
    • Create an inclusive workplace
    • Modernize your mission and vision statements
    • Increase Employee Satisfaction/Retention
    • Recruit ideal job candidates
    • Increase peace of mind
    • Manage proactively, not reactively
    • Increase customer/client satisfaction
    • Optimize your organization for growth

Education System

The clinicians at Finding Solace have years of professional experience within the school system. Whether directly employed, consulting, providing psychosocial education, or counseling students and teachers outside the classroom, the Finding Solace team is passionate about advocating for students and educators. We have created partnerships with schools around the area and strive to be a resource to them.

  • Experience counseling within school system
  • Partnerships with area schools
  • Desire to advocate for students and educators
  • Here to help administrators:
    • Decrease burnout & Increase staff retention
    • Improve morale
    • Assess need for MH intervention
    • Refer to appropriate services
    • De-escalation Techniques
  • Here to help students:
    • Improve classroom performance
    • Understand emotional intelligence & regulation
    • Increase mental awareness
    • Improve social interactions
    • Manage self talk and self esteem


As parents of competitive athletes, many of the Finding Solace staff strive to create change in the individual, coaching, and team experience. We have developed a sports therapy program that offers a variety of services that are customizable to every team, school, or organization. We have a desire to increase mental health awareness and advocacy within the sports industry and bolster emotional regulation and resiliency in athletes.

  • Parents of competitive athletes
  • Customizable sports therapy program
  • Desire to increase mental health awareness in athletics
  • Here to help coaches:
    • Gain awareness of mental health needs
    • Assess need for MH intervention
    • Refer to appropriate services
    • Refine leadership methods
  • Here to help athletes:
    • Improve self talk and self motivation
    • Increase self awareness
    • Understand emotional intelligence & regulation
    • Recover after injury or setback
    • Build emotional resilience
    • Increase team cohesion

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