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Hopefully this month you learned a few things. If there was anything I would want you to feel at the end of this series it is that you are normal! People come into my office all of the time and ask me that simple question: Am I normal? The challenges that we face as parents are similar. Although the details may be different for some of us, the underlying stress that it creates is alike. So I want to close this September series out with one last idea for you to keep in mind; it is all about BALANCE. There is no clear cut answers. There is no handbook or manual to tell us what to do, how to do it, when and where to pick our battles, and at times, no safety net. The secret lies within us. It is that instinct that we have that tells us what is best for our families, but don’t forget to listen to that voice when it tells you what is best for you as well. Being able to see the big picture and make decisions in the moment is about checks and balances. Do you feel like you are not your best self? Then I would say you are sacrificing your needs for your family too much. Do you feel like you are not as good a parent as someone you know? Then stop comparing your worth to something that is only a partial view. Do you feel like you have lost a grip on your role as a parent with your children? It’s never too late to start fresh and teach your children the art of change. Do you feel stretched too thin like you can’t keep up with all of the expectations as a parent? Cut back, and focus on the things that really matter. Just say no! And finally, do you feel like you are scraping to make ends meet just so that your family can have it all? Make a plan with a budget and know that you are building character, not popularity. And last but definitely not least, don’t feel alone in this rat race. Many (most if they are honest) parents are struggling with the same battles and sometimes opening up and talking about the pressure of the parent side of life will lend support and understanding. Parents hold their children on a pedestal and many ballpark, football fields, and dance studio conversations are focused on “listen to what my kid is doing now”, but I challenge you to hear the underlying cry of fatigue, sacrifice, and need to feel like they are parenting well. And in those moments, share yourself, your true self and know that you are not alone.


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