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The Look of Depression- Women

Depression occurs twice as frequently in women as in men. Research is unclear if women are actually more likely to get depressed than men, or if they are more likely to report symptoms and seek treatment, thus increase the reported rates of depression.

Women today are under more pressure than ever to carry multiple roles within their lives from professional, parent, spouse, friend, or even community leader, amongst many others. Women have always been an integral part of society, but more than ever, the lack of balance and self-care that women report are considered to be major contributing factors to depression.

The common, yet stereotypical, symptom of depression in women is frequently emotional and crying. This is more prevalent in women than men, but denies many of the other ways that women show and deal with depression. Some of the common things that as a clinician I look for in women is isolation. If a woman feels disconnected and isolated from friendships, spouse, and even family members, this can be both a sign and a contributing factor of depression. Like men, modern women is encouraged to be strong and emotionless because this is falsely seen as weakness. This lie is detrimental to the long-term health of women.

Not always, but often the most outgoing person in the room is the most insecure and struggling with depression and self-worth. If you or someone you know seems to show a large personality publically but struggle to become vulnerable or serious in a private conversation, be alright with asking how they are feeling. It may be that they don’t feel safe talking about how they feel or areas of struggle, which can be precursors to depression.


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