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The Benefits of Therapy Continued

The decision to seek therapy is one of great personal meaning. When a person arrives at this point, they have discovered their innate worthiness to make an investment in improving their life experience. However, the cost of this investment can be daunting for many individuals. It is no coincidence that we justify spending our income on material things in an effort to please others in our lives. This is telling of our inner pressure to seek fulfillment in the approval of others, but leaves us with little regard for the self.

Many individuals that are not currently satisfied with the quality of their life or relationships have a blockade against going to therapy. They may have the mindset that it is as if they are succumbing to weakness. Others may also question the benefit of entrusting a complete stranger to engage in conversation with them about sensitive issues that they are currently facing. While these mindsets on therapy are common, they tend to be defeating and help contribute to the issues that are interfering with the individual’s life experience.

Therapy is an investment in the self, the family, and relationships. An example is in the case of an emotionally disturbed child. A parent or guardian might recognize signs of depression, anger, or anxiety and purchase an xbox gaming system in an effort to circumvent these observed issues or behaviors. While usually welcomed by the child, this investment is but a temporary solution. An enduring solution would be to make the lasting investment in therapy for the child. In his or her sessions, he or she will begin to address these issues and develop a greater ability to reframe self-defeating thoughts and work through presenting issues. This analogy may also resonate with adults in spending valuable time and hard-earned money in temporary indulgences. If any of this resonates with you, we encourage you to begin investing in yourself and your relationships through therapy. Everyone is deserving and capable of finding solace.


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