403 N. 6th St, Suite 2, West Monroe, LA 71291

Skyelar Scott, PLPC


I graduated cum laude from Louisiana Tech University with my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I then earned a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Ages & Issues Treated:

I work with people of all ages regarding individual, relationship, and family related issues. I thoroughly enjoy working with teenagers and young adults during the big, and small, transitions in life. I collaborate with clients to tackle many different challenges, including: LGBTQIA+ challenges, gender and sexual diversity (including, but not limited to, polygamous and open relationships), intimacy and sex therapy, self-esteem issues, self-growth, relationship conflicts and challenges, feelings of shame or guilt, and much more.

Vision/Goal for Therapy:

My overall goal for therapy is to work with clients to find their true authentic selves, and for the client to live a life that satisfies their wants and needs. I stand by and encourage clients to work on discovering their true self and live with no shame or guilt regarding who they are. I collaborate with clients to find the necessary tools to overcome times of challenges and hardships. My clients know themselves the best; therefore, they are the expert in their own lives. I believe that it is of the utmost importance that I provide a safe space for clients to always feel seen and heard.

Additional Information:

I try to be one of the most welcoming, down to earth, empathic therapists that I can be, because that is what I searched for in a therapist for so long. I am a huge empath, so I listen deeply to try to understand what a client is going through. While I may not know, or even begin to imagine, what my clients are going through, I will stand by their side and encourage them the entire time.

403 N. 6th St, Suite 2
West Monroe, LA 71291

Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5pm

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