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Reason #4 – Physical Gains to Stability

Do you realize how many physical responses we have to stress? Think back on the last 6 months, have any of these affected you?

Headaches, stomach aches, irritable bowel, sore throat, joint and muscle pain, fatigue, increased/decreased appetite or sleep, poor memory, lost concentration, blurred vision. What else comes to mind? Ever seemed to have a seemingly unexplained physical problem that came and left all on its own? It’s quite possible that it could have been related to your emotional stability and imbalance.

While you should always consult with a trusted physician about medical issues, you also have to keep in mind all the pieces of the puzzle, not just the obvious ones. Your body is smarter than you know. It holds on to emotional toxicity biologically, but it knows that it can’t impair your functioning so it finds places to store that are not life altering. For example, if you feel anxious and worried about something at work, you are likely to feel a little extra fatigued in the mornings. It’s an avoidant response that your body has turned into a physical one.

Have you ever noticed that when you have a couple days off planned or its a holiday weekend, you tend to be suddenly sick? Your body identifies that it has to push through to be able to function well, but it also identifies a plan to make you slow down and repair/recharge. Your body needs to have the time to sustain itself.

Interestingly, that can start in counseling. If your physical health is suffering because of issues or people around you, do you realize how much it could improve by talking to someone and finding new ways to deal with those situations? You may have a higher quality of life and you have the potential to limit the physical responses in the future by learning how to read your body differently.

Give us a call and let us help you figure out some of what may be going on in order to help you find ways to start doing things differently and feeling better!


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